5 Most Anticipated Movies of Fall 2014


I can’t believe it’s already here but it looks like “the season of good movies” is upon us! With Gone Girl released last weekend and Brad Pitt’s Fury coming out next weekend (Yeah, I’m not totally sold on this weekend’s Dracula Untold or The Judge), it’s finally time for the good stuff to come out! Especially since the summer movie season seemed a little bit…well, lackluster, I am absolutely dying to absorb all the great films that are coming out in the next few months. Here is my top 5 list for the movies that I am most anticipating as of right now. Gone Girl was actually probably in my top 3 but that already came out, obviously. I just thought I would state that fact for the record. So, without further ado…here are my 5 most anticipated movies of Fall 2014!
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Why the Ending to ‘Gone Girl’ is Perfect (Spoilers, obviously)


In my official review of Gone Girl I wanted to say a lot more about the film than I was able to due to spoilers, especially regarding the ending of the film. The ending has become somewhat of a controversy for those who have read the novel. Some people hate it, some people love it. Some don’t know what to think. I fall in the category of loving it, and this post exists to highlight the reasons why. If you have not read the book or seen the movie yet, I will warn you that this post obviously contains massive spoilers. So, if you are a normal human being who doesn’t like wonderful things being ruined for them, I would suggest you instead head on over to my official and spoiler-free review of the film….and then go to the dang movie theater and buy yourself a ticket! Continue reading

Gone Girl (2014) Movie Review

If you are a fan of both Gone Girl, the New York Times best selling novel, and also a fan of David Fincher…you probably squealed like a pre-pubescent child when you heard the news that Fincher was taking this story on for his next project because this story radiates Fincher-ness. It’s dark, it’s extremely complex, it’s thrilling from start to finish, what is not to like? The movie officially hits theaters today and I do not believe fans of either the novel or the director are going to be disappointed. Fincher delivers on every aspect of this story, but what really surprised me was despite the amazing, dark and broody look that has become a trademark of Fincher films ranging from Se7en and Fight Club to The Social Network and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Fincher’s style may have taken a backseat to the real star of the film; Gillian Flynn’s story and screenplay.

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The Skeleton Twins (2014) Movie Review


The Skeleton Twins is a family drama that stars Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader as siblings. My initial thoughts upon first hearing about this movie (along with, I’m sure, many other Saturday Night Live fans)? Count me in! But do not be mistaken. This territory is far off from what we are used to seeing this duo in. This movie definitely falls along more of the “drama” side of “dramedy”. It’s difficult to pull off such a serious movie with such well-known comedic actors but there are definitely some very comedic moments. Together they actually make for a great mix of seriousness and hilarity. Continue reading